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CIRANDA: game of spoken words mix fun and literature


Crédito: Micaela Wernicke

Inspired by poetry slam (a competition where authors have to read their work in 3 minutes), CIRANDA: JOGO DE PALAVRA FALADA has contemporary artists reading their favourite authors that are no longer with us. 

Created by Anna Zêpa and Maria Giulia Pinheiro, who are involved in the Soirée and Slams scenario since 2010, Ciranda uses a game format to reunite artists that are producing now to the ones that still leave through their work. 

“When we read someone, we are in someway closer to them. It is as if we were talking to the book. The same way we communicate with contemporary authors, it is really good to hear from the ones that were here before us”, explain Maria Giulia Pinheiro. “How would Clarice Lispector, Hilda Hilst, Carolina Maria de Jesus, Audre Lorde and so many others be if they were in a slam? That is what we want to know”, adds Anna Zêpa.

The audience is also welcome to interact by giving grades and choosing the winners. At the end of Ciranda, someone in the audience takes home a prize from a contemporary author. 

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