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Da Poeta ao Inevitável (Editora Patuá, 2013)

First book from the author, it is split into five acts. The first, called “Da Poeta ao Inevitável”, it is a series of poems that narrate a love story. The second, “PS:”, the poems tell secrets. “Entre mins”, the third part, are poems about what is subjective. “El_s”, the fourth act, it is a session about feminism. The book ends in “Seis Deusas” where the Goddess are heard. Click here to buy.

Alteridade (Selo do Burro, 2016)

Second book talks about the rape culture through metaphors and a performance. It is a long poem in which Woman narrates how she felt when being raped and, from layer to layer, she walks through how society produces and turn into a common act the domination over women. The books are unique, as the author make sure each edition as an intervention. To get your exclusive copy, email


Avessamento (Editora Urutau, 2017)

The third and latest published book from the author it is a collection of poems and performance photos in which Maria appears in different shapes with x-rays and scans from her lungs and ribs. Maria Giulia Pinheiro metamorphosis int animal,s objects and nature, always showing a new way of existence (or a way to read existence) in our daily routine Purchase it here.


Photo: Luana Cavalcante

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