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crédito: Mylena Sousa

Maria Giulia Pinheiro collects the most beautiful words from the audience and creates poems 


In memory of her father, who lost the ability to speak a year before he passed, Maria Giulia Pinheiro writes poems with the words he could no longer speak


Exactly a year after losing her father, Maria Giulia Pinheiro goes on stage to honour his life. In a mix of spoken words with performance, poet collects from the audience their favourite words and creates poetry out of it.  "A Palavra Mais Bonita" also includes a series of poems made with words sent via Social Media and is currently being shown around Portugal after being presented in Brazil and South Africa.

The spectacle mix the tension of silence in such delicate time with the creation of poems with words chosen by the audience. At this moment, the production aims to reach Portugal and Portuguese speaking countries and communities so, in the end, it can document the most beautiful words in Portuguese from all across the globe. As a result of this performance, we have a spectacle, the connection between countries, spreading literature as a part of our daily life, a document with the most beautiful words and a historical register of the moment we live through poetry.

Read what has been published about it on Valor Econômico (Brazil) and a  review by Amilton de Azevedo, at  Folha de S. Paulo.

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