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Maria Giulia Pinheiro is a poet, writer and actor. Author of the books "Da Poeta ao Inevitável" (Editora Patuá, 2013), "Alteridade", (Selo do Burro, 2016) and "Avessamento" (Editora Urutau, 2017), is also the playwright of "Mais um Hamlet", "Alteridade" e "Bruta Flor do Querer", in which she also directed it. Founder of the theatre group Companhia e Fúria, is the mastermind behind ZONA Lê Mulheres, a soirée in which everyone can read a piece, as long as it has been written by women. Poet and performer in spectacles "Alteridade" and "A Palavra Mais Bonita - The most beautiful word", currently touring around Portuguese speaking countries, is also the co-creator and presenter of the slam "Ciranda- Jogo de Palavra Falada".Has always been involved in researching the history and tradition of women in art, the importance of feminism imagery and the structures of free communities since 2012, when she released the manifesto “Por um Imaginário”. Research Analyst for the ONU Mulheres and PapodeHomem project "Precisamos falar com os homens? Uma jornada pela Igualdade de Gênero". Coordinates the Feminist Core of Dramaturgy at the Pequeno Ato since 2016, where she taught dramaturgy for 3 years. Worked as a screenwriter assistant at Miração Films between 2012 and 2015 for projects at Canal Brasil and SESCTV. Journalist, she also worked as a news reporter for Agora SP (Grupo Folha), MSN and iG. As a teacher has experience in schools and social projects. Self-employed, also research trends in the market, with experience in companies such as Favo, Questto|Nóe Float, Google, Ramarim, Itau cultural, Picadilly, ONU Mulheres Brasil, and others. Studied dramaturgy at Escola Livre de Santo André, graduated in Journalism at Fundação Cásper Líbero and as an actor in Teatro Escola Célia Helena, specialised in TV screenwriting at the Academia Internacional de Cinema and in Personal Training at ICC – International Coaching Community, also post-graduated in the “Arte na Educação: teoria e prática” – at ECA/USP. 


Photo: Mylena Sousa

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